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How we select a Journal for your manuscript

Our expert reviewer will recommend journals based on the following factors: Scope of study, Target journal type (scope, focus, etc.), Time frame to publishType of article, Significance of article in its field of specialty

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Conferences & shows

Submit papers/posters to international conferences
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How you are benefited with our assistance services

Our expert will provide vital feedback for your manuscript, including:

  • Publication readiness in its current state and changes required
  • Manuscript length vis-à-vis the suggested journals


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Advantages Of The Peer Review Service

Your paper peer review will be conducted by expert reviewers who have expertise in your field of study and experience reviewing for high-impact international journals.

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Revised/Rejected Paper Editing

  We are the perfect match for you if your manuscript had been rejected. Even if you are invited to resubmit your paper after a revision then we suggest you not to worry as we have good experience handling with a rejected article. Every researcher faces this at least once, and both scenarios can actually make your study stronger. Our journal experts will ensure that your manuscript is thoroughly rewritten to meet the expectations of journal reviewers. Our experts make sure that your manuscript will be absolutely ready to be resubmitted.

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Scholarly Acquisitions and Transfers

With our scholarly acquisitions improve your business by attracting more international quality articles. We can acquire well indexed journals for your publishing house. where we can add value to your publishing house catalogue
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Finding the right path

OASAT provides the support you need to take your research through the submission process. Our service provides professional science editing services along with proofreading and formatting of the article, and we will also submit your manuscript on your behalf. Let us know where you want to publish and we will do the rest.

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Journal Submission to Scientific Journals

At OASAT, our journal submission experts are expertise in submitting papers to various international journals. Whether it is new research or a doctoral submission, academics face many challenges when submitting their paper to journals, which could be complicated formatting and submission instructions to urgent deadlines, all could delay in overall submission of your manuscripts. When your manuscript is ready for submission, let us complete this difficult process on your behalf.

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Advantages of The Journal Submission Service

OASAT will provide hassle-free and a smooth submission process by taking care of every complicated aspect of this submission.

We will make sure you’re ready for publication by checking the formatting of your manuscript, as per author guidelines.

We complete all the formalities, including filling in the necessary form details, uploading required documentation, and writing a cover letter if needed.

Maximize your chances of publication by letting OASAT match you with the most appropriate journals for your particular research and requirements. Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for international journals in your field of study. Simply send us your criteria, and we will present you with the journals best suited to your manuscript. If required, OASAT will provide vital feedback for your manuscript, including suggestions on how to improve your paper

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